If you work in the high-end construction and remodeling industry, you’re probably looking for a specific niche to target. If you want to expand your business, you’ll need more remodeling leads. One of the most effective ways to establish a good niche for your business is to learn how to properly target a specific audience.

We’re here to assist you in doing so. Upmax is a hardworking digital marketing agency that can assist you in developing a digital marketing and SEO strategy that effectively targets your niche audience. You’ve come to the right place if you need more leads.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the various strategies that any construction company should be implementing in order to generate more leads on a daily basis.


Your long-term marketing efforts should be the first place you look for leads. Any company that wants to outlast their competition and become a premier service provider must prioritize long-term marketing. The most crucial aspect to consider is your online presence and remodeling digital marketing efforts. Have you invested in a high-quality, high-end website that inspires your customers to buy from you and use your service?

Create a High-Quality, SEO-Friendly Website

It is critical to have an SEO-friendly website. But that doesn’t mean your site can’t be beautiful as well. Here are a few of the elements you’ll want to include to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly and will attract more leads. A TON of content! – On each page, write 500-700+ meaningful words. Google appreciates content-rich websites.
Headings that also function as keyword-rich titles. You’ll want to make sure that you’re using remodeling

industry-specific keywords throughout all of your site’s headings.

In the footer, there is room for linking. – Offering links in your site’s footer is a great way to provide more resources and inbound links.
Content silos, as well as inter-linking systems and navigation. – Create hubs on your website that link to various pages or services that you offer. This makes you appear to Google as a subject matter expert.

  • Provide intent blog pages and editorial type pages. These pages contribute to increased user time on site, which increases your site’s visibility.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. Almost 90% of internet users access the internet through their mobile devices.
    If you can implement these tips on your site, you will see better website results from the start.

What exactly is SEO?

If you’ve never heard of SEO or read anything about it, you’re probably wondering what all this website optimization nonsense means. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of increasing the visibility of your website or web presence on Google and other search engines. Keyword targeting, regular content releases, and link building are used to accomplish this. SEO and web design work together to bring you long-term leads. SEO can benefit you more in 5 years than it can in the first 6-12 months.

A good SEO strategy should include the following elements:

Set up your website’s URLs correctly.
Create landing pages based on location and service.
Create a keyword strategy for your SEO blog.
Consistently publish new content in order to establish yourself as an industry leader in your field.


Pay-per-click, or PPC, is one of the quickest ways to generate new remodeling leads. PPC is a method of targeting potential customers with online advertisements. We use Google ads for our clients and have seen excellent results for anyone willing to put in the effort. PPC is great for short-term calculated gains, whereas SEO is better for long-term existential growth. Both will generate more remodeling leads, but once you stop paying for PPC ads, you will no longer receive leads from them. Even if you stop paying for SEO, you will continue to reap benefits for years to come.

Check out this video to gain a better understanding of both PPC and SEO.


Building your business through reviews and referrals is an excellent way to generate additional leads. Referral programs can be difficult to get started, but once you do, they will pay off by bringing you consistent business. Here are some pointers for launching a referral program:

  • Set your objectives.
  • Make a list of potential remodeling customer referral sources.
  • Make a strategy for reaching out.
  • Determine your referral bonuses.
  • Make resources to notify your customers.
  • Create a tracking system.
  • “Thank you,” say.
  • It could be as easy as that. Simply set some goals, offer incentives, track your progress, and watch your previous customers champion your business. You should be aware that the only way to make a referral program truly work is to do excellent work for customers and always leave them with a positive impression of your company.

Increase the Number of 5-Star Reviews

Many remodeling business owners fail to obtain the highly coveted 5-star review. From restaurants and bars to dental offices and contractors, getting reviews can be difficult in the first place. Worse, the hardest part isn’t getting good reviews; it’s getting any reviews at all. So, how can you increase the number of reviews for your company? You must make it simple for the customer. Here are some suggestions for encouraging your customers to leave more reviews:

Provide incentives, such as discounts or gift cards to local restaurants.

Inquire – it is common that many customers do not think to review. Simply request a review the next time you send an email.
Remodeling customers should be sent a link. Some customers may have difficulty determining where they should leave a review for your company. Send them a link to make it easier for them!
Be prepared to receive feedback on a variety of platforms, including Google, Facebook, and industry-specific platforms.


Creating a Google My Business profile for your company will be critical to its success. A Google business profile can mean the difference between a remodeling customer buying from you or your competitor, from collecting reviews to properly displaying contact information and addresses. Make sure that every piece of information that can be filled out is filled out when you’re setting this up or editing it. This ensures that when people search for your company or one similar to it, they will find you.