7 Amazing Home Remodeling Examples


Are you having trouble finding new clients for your remodeling company? Don’t worry; even the most seasoned contractor can struggle to find and retain clients.

Fortunately, contractors now have more marketing and home remodeling advertising options than ever before. From social media advertising to community service, you’ll have no trouble finding a marketing strategy that works for you.

Here are seven great examples to get you started with your home remodeling advertising.
Using video to promote your remodeling company is now easier than ever. You only need your smartphone to create exciting and professional-looking advertisements. Be personable and informative in your video advertisements to demonstrate your creativity.

Drone videos, video walk-throughs of completed work, before and after videos, and how-to videos are some examples of innovative video advertising options. Remember to upload your videos and share them on your social media platforms.


Great photos improve any advertisement. Always photograph completed projects to demonstrate your abilities and expertise.
Photos make it simple to market your company on a variety of platforms. Great images will help you catch the attention of potential clients in everything from social media advertising to flyers and brochures.

  • Make advertisements using before and after pictures.
  • Professional photos can help you highlight your employees and your company.
  • Images can be used in both digital and traditional advertising and marketing.
  • Keep a portfolio of your best remodeling projects.


Provide value to your remodeling clients by using your website and social media accounts. Filling your website with interesting and engaging content is an excellent way to advertise and gain website visitors, and this content can assist you in converting website visitors into clients and customers.

Create “how-to” instructional videos or maintain a blog that tracks trends in your remodeling niche. Customer stories, cool infographics, and remodeling product reviews are other examples of engaging content. Make your content more creative and watch your social media and online presence grow.

Sharing engaging content is an excellent way to promote your company and gain client trust.


Create a brand for your advertising to stand out. Keep your brand image consistent across all marketing platforms. Make use of your logos on vans, shirts, business cards, and social media accounts. Your brand will grow quickly, thanks to a great website and constant interaction on social media.

Creating a brand that clients remember and recognize should be a long-term advertising and marketing goal for every contractor.


Don’t overlook traditional advertising. There are still numerous benefits to advertising in magazines, newspapers, and on billboards. Trade shows are also excellent places to promote your remodeling company. Word-of-mouth, business cards, and local print advertising will help you find a lot of local clients.

Other options for local advertising include the Chamber of Commerce, direct mail, and local associations. Get out there and meet people in your community, and you’ll find plenty of clients who want to renovate their homes.


Be a part of your community to advertise. Don’t be afraid to support local events, schools, and organizations. Local teams are always in need of assistance, and investing in them can demonstrate that you care about your community. Volunteering locally is another excellent way to give back to your community while also promoting your contractor services.

Sponsorship and volunteering are always excellent ways to promote and raise awareness of your remodeling company.


We encourage any remodeling contractor to keep in touch with their previous customers. Follow-up emails and phone calls allow your clients to share their renovation project experience. Small gifts and thank you notes are always appreciated.

If you follow up after their renovation project is completed, your clients will not feel forgotten. By marketing to your existing client base, you will gain their trust and create repeat customers. Following up with clients is also an excellent way to obtain feedback, which can help strengthen your future marketing efforts.


Don’t let poor advertising strategies ruin your remodeling business because there are countless ways to improve your marketing and advertising. We’ve outlined seven ways to enhance your home remodeling advertising. Start using these advertising ideas to grow and expand your remodeling business.