Three Social Media Marketing Suggestions for Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Dealers


It makes sense to promote your kitchen and bathroom cabinet company on social media to attract customers and increase sales. But on which social networking sites should you concentrate? What sort of material need to you be publishing?

By performing some research on your rivals, you can decide which platforms are best for your company. You can quickly check out which social networks they are active on from their websites, and you can browse through their social media profiles to discover which ones are seeing the most interaction (comments, likes, etc.). You may begin developing your social media marketing strategy once you’ve completed your research and decided which social media platforms to prioritize.

For kitchen and bathroom cabinet dealers looking to create leads and increase sales, check out these 3 social media marketing suggestions.

1. Produce pertinent content


The easiest method to get readers and potential customers to your social media accounts is by posting pertinent information. Being a kitchen and bath cabinet dealer means that your target market is seeking for evidence that your company can give them lovely cabinets within their price range.

The following social media marketing advice should always be kept in mind while you create content for your social media channels:

  • Create pertinent material that speaks to the needs of your clients because people are visiting your page to learn more about your services and products.
  • Share stories on the kitchen and bathroom sector.
  • Share renderings of your cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Post pictures of your finished products.
  • Share any current specials and promotions Share any blog posts you’ve authored for your website.

Your friend is social media!

Many manufacturers of interior design hardware and cabinetry may be wary of social media.

Many of the business owners I’ve spoken with have expressed their belief that their products are simply too specialized to be of much use to individuals on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The fact is that any company, even ones that sell kitchen cabinets, might benefit from having a passable social media presence.

Keeping up with your social media accounts doesn’t have to be a tedious job, either.

2. Encourage client testimonials


According to research, 85% of consumers put as much faith in online evaluations as they do in-person recommendations. Yelp and Facebook are the review sites that local consumers trust the most out of all of those internet reviews. Encourage your clients to post a review on your Facebook page if you want to increase the number of leads for your kitchen and bathroom cabinet company.

When requesting consumer reviews on social media, keep the following social media marketing best practices in mind:

  • Simply ask them to do so rather than pressuring them.
  • If you didn’t get a chance to ask them in person, send a follow-up email.
  • Always reply to reviews, whether they are favorable or not.
  • Create case studies or customer spotlights that feature endorsements from satisfied clients.
  • Post encouraging testimonials on your website.

3. Pay for customized advertising


Each of the social media platforms you’ve selected has different advertising choices. However, just because you utilize four distinct social media platforms doesn’t mean you have to promote on each one. Concentrate on the channels that are already functioning well naturally. In general, Facebook would be your best option, but do some research before investing in paid advertisements.

For your kitchen and bathroom cabinet company, social media advertising makes sense for the following reasons:

  • In comparison to other ads, social media ads are inexpensive.
  • To reach the correct people, social media advertisements are extremely targeted.
  • You’ll get quick access to statistics and data so you can assess outcomes with ease.
  • You can increase the reach of individual posts on some platforms, like Facebook.